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  • High Quality Control Room JL-E04

  • High Quality Control Room JL-E04

  • High Quality Control Room JL-E04

High Quality Control Room JL-E04

Quick Details:

Designed for technology-intensive control room environments

The excellence (JL-E) series console's open structural design provides extremely limited time requirements and equipment placement requirements, and is designed for dense control rooms.

Superior flexibility and durability

Modular design, the control room can be re-arranged with few parts changed, and some external accessories can be removed or added at will, such as: display stand, file holder, multimedia box, work light, file cabinet, keyboard box, Ambient lights and so on. The console room is specially designed for technically intensive 24*7 environments.

From the wide legroom to the ergonomically designed back wall and display adjustment brackets, the operator is more effective in working at optimum efficiency. A variety of structural configurations and finished surface options make the Excellence (JL-E) series the most complete and adaptable console on the market.

Superior cable management and integration technology

Effective cable management is critical in any mission-critical environment. The Excellence (JL-E) system allows you to install more strong and weak cables in a regular form, and the front and rear doors are completely open, making it quicker and easier to add or replace cables. The complex cable management system is hidden inside the frame, ensuring a clean, beautiful and modern look.

JL-E features:

A variety of side panels are freely available to meet the individual needs of the control center.

Strictly select the first-grade cold-rolled steel plate and spray the outer surface with electrostatic powder.

A variety of different sheet selection, the stitching is smooth and seamless.

The open modular structure can be combined with different styles of console solutions for maximum flexibility.

A variety of series structure increases the adjustability of the product to meet the needs of different users.

The desktop depth, back wall height, outlet position, access panel, back wall decoration, and accessories are all available to the user.

High Quality Control Room JL-E04