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What are the advantages of paperless meetings and traditional meetings?

Oct. 22, 2019

  With the continuous development of information technology applications, the paperless office concept is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Smart Multimedia Conference Tables have been widely used. More and more enterprises and government units have chosen to upgrade to paperless conference rooms. Paperless conference rooms are Internet technologies, software technologies, and hardware technologies. Through intelligent terminal devices, various sounds. Video transmission equipment, display equipment, sound reinforcement equipment, and intelligent control system realized by Conference Table For Control Center.

Conference Table For Control Center

Conference Table For Control Center

  It satisfies all the needs of the traditional conference and solves the various pain points generated by the traditional conference process and make all-round improvement:

  In the ranking: the traditional meeting room needs to find a special service staff to refer to the introduction, otherwise, you need to print a large number of brand names to enter the venue in advance. With the smart meeting the system, the location is arranged in advance on the computer side without the need for the organizer to think extra.

  In the conference service: the intelligent conference system, our docking service function, the meeting is tired, thirsty, can be a service at any time, different from the traditional meeting, if there are other needs during the meeting, seeking help will affect other people.

  During the meeting: traditional meetings often only screen data on the podium, and then some paper materials are shared into the hands. From the visual point of view of the meeting, the attention will be affected, and the paper data will remain unchanged. Not in the rhythm of the meeting. The intelligent conference system starts with the participants. Each LCD lift is face-to-face with you. The content of the conference is followed up on the screen, and all the information can be sent to your computer instantaneously so that you can read it at any time.

  From the efficiency of the meeting: Participants can make comments on the meeting materials, you can make plans on the whiteboard, imagine, you can also share your ideas with other members for the first time, more convenient and faster. From the organizer, using the intelligent conference system, from the meeting sign to the statistical attendance rate, to the output of the voting results, can be achieved in the shortest time.

  From the perspective of environmental protection: traditional conferences need to print a large number of paper materials, and the need to destroy conference materials after the meeting is a time-consuming and labor-saving way. The intelligent conference system realizes one-click delivery of various documents and materials through the platform, completely eliminating the need for data printing and destruction, conforming to the current international mainstream environmental protection and energy conservation, and also achieving the purpose of reducing conference costs, improving conference efficiency, and ensuring conference security.

  The paperless conference system not only improves the conference experience of the enterprise, but also makes it more environmentally friendly and efficient, effectively promotes the upgrade of the enterprise electronic conference mode and further enhances the conference efficiency. Our company can Control Room Conference Table Custom.

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