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Airport Console Custom Design Considerations

Jul. 11, 2019

The take-off and landing of the aircraft have an inseparable connection with the control tower. The tower not only needs radio equipment that can communicate with the aircraft but also connects to the air traffic controller's microphone, speaker or receiver. There is also a need for an internal and external telephone system that can be contacted by a fast broadcast number to allow air traffic controllers to talk to each other and outside, as well as the strongest monitor to monitor wind direction and air pressure in real time. Fourteen hours of feedback. So the Air Traffic Control Consoles are essential for a console with good thermal performance.

Air Traffic Control Consoles

Airport equipment manufacturing is a PC-based operational control system that can be used as a stand-alone operational monitoring system or as a part of an industrial enterprise equipment electrical control system installed in a console. This series of operating consoles is rugged. It is suitable for working in harsh environments with vibration, large temperature difference and electromagnetic interference, which can meet the high requirements of users for automation technology.

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