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The characteristics of Intelligent Control System

Oct. 30, 2019

  As an Industrial Control Console Supplier, there is some information to share with everyone. The modern multimedia application environment covers the teaching environment, popular science places, convention centers, international conference centers, song and dance theaters, film and television halls and other functions with perfect functions and high requirements. There is also the Industrial Operator Console. Audio and video systems, digital conference and sound reinforcement systems, video conferencing systems and multimedia presentation systems are becoming more and more widely used in such environments, and user requirements can be highly automated to stereoscopically modern multimedia halls through intelligent control technology. The distributed various audio-visual equipment are centrally controlled, so the intelligent centralized control system of the environment comes along with the application of multimedia technology, providing a complete, complete and perfect solution for the multimedia fashion hall environment. The intelligent control system has the following features.

  1. simple operation

  Users do not need professional training, do not need to understand the performance principle of the system and the controlled equipment, only need to control and manage the application environment in the intelligent centralized control system through the operation interface (control panel, touch screen or PC interface). All the devices on it, and can understand the operation status of the system and the controlled devices.

High Performance Control Room Consoles

High Performance Control Room Consoles

  2. Open and expandable

  The system adopts an open structure and modular design and provides an open TCP/IP control protocol, which can simultaneously and digitally control and manage multiple devices at the same time. The system configuration and expansion are easy, the integration is high, the control mode is complete, and the expansion function is strong.

  3. intelligent programmatic control

  According to the user's needs, the equipment operation and management of the entire system can be programmed according to the operator's wishes to realize intelligent and programmatic control.

  4. Rich standard interfaces and communication protocols

  Single-machine direct access, through a serial port (RS-232/422/485), infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF), relay (RELAY), contact (I / O) and other modes for a variety of high-power, weak electrical equipment control.

  5. high stability and reliability

  The system can work for tens of thousands of hours without interruption. Any power failure or short circuit will not cause confusion or damage to the operating procedures of the system, and it has good electrical and magnetic compatibility and stability.

  6. easy to share resources

  Whether local or remote, multimedia applications and devices in multiple environments are integrated on a unified platform, which can be remotely controlled by control panel, touch screen or PC interface, and mobile phone, which provides convenience for unified format and unified operation, and improves operation management. Efficiency and resource sharing. Intelligent control system is widely used in intelligent conference and multimedia teaching, smart home, intelligent control center, remote control, distance education, telemedicine, teleconferencing, etc., which further improves the application efficiency of streaming media recording and broadcasting system. Our company has High Performance Control Room Consoles on sale, welcome to come to us.

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