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Commonly used methods for the surface of the Control Room Console

Sep. 18, 2019

  With the rapid development of modern technology, Control Room Console has been widely used. When we enter the monitoring room, we will see consoles with different sizes and functions. But we may only know one. I don't know. The use of the console is not limited to the monitoring industry. In fact, more industries are using this advanced office equipment.

  Because the console can be used to manage the equipment well, the equipment is neatly planned, giving the staff a more tidy environment, making it easier for the management staff to work, making it more widely used. The console is widely used in the monitoring office industry, power dispatching industry, transportation management department, emergency command department, and even conference calls in the Control Room One Piece Conference Table. The console can be said to be everywhere.

Commonly used methods for the surface of the Control Room Console

Control Room Console

  The design of the console can be customized according to the customer's needs because the consoles of different purposes are different in design and the consoles can be combined and used flexibly. At present, the console is generally divided into two types: combined type and welded type. The combined type is convenient for transportation but the installation is not convenient. The welding type is actually a finished product, which is a large whole, so the transportation is not convenient, but it is not required to be installed on-site. Put it on and it will work.

  The Smart Control Room Console creates a very good working environment for the staff. The design has a push-pull keyboard in general. It is thoughtful for the use of various fields. The staff is very comfortable to operate, and the legs can be freely extended under the table. The height of the platform is also very comfortable. The main body structure of the console is mostly cold-rolled steel plate, and its external treatment methods are mostly spray or spray paint. Spray paint, that is, baking paint, the use of monochrome flat paint in the early days, but due to the poor wear resistance of the appearance, the appearance of the color is not stable, easy to aging and other shortcomings, but with the choice of metallic paint and various metal varnish, The workpiece can reach the texture of high-gloss metal, featuring the following:

  The appearance can have a high gloss texture effect;

  Color is easy to modulate, but it is easier to age;

  The construction process is more complicated, the cost is higher, and the appearance is not easy to control;

  The production process is polluting the environment;

  The desktop and side panels of the console are mostly made of medium-density boards, and there are two kinds of PU-type air-drying paints and fire-proof rubber sheets on the outside;

  The desktop is often used to post fireproof rubber sheets. The colors can be selected for a variety of colors, and the appearance is wear-resistant, fireproof and scratch-resistant.

  Spraying, also known as dusting, is a more common treatment method. Its main features are as follows:

  The powder coating is easy to handle evenly in the processing process; the production process is environmentally friendly, and the excess powder can be recycled and reused; the surface hardness of the spray is high, it has good impact resistance and wear resistance; the appearance color is stable, Not easy to age; suitable for mass production.

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