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Control Room Console cable layout

Nov. 25, 2019

The Control Room Console cable layout is as follows:

Control Room Console can refer to professional furniture in the control room; control panel, part of the Windows graphical user interface; CLI, also known as CUI; mechanical console, such as the cockpit of the vehicle;

The Console, in the mission-critical control room, is designed and manufactured according to special ergonomics to provide operating and dispatching personnel with professional furniture that can carry a variety of office equipment and special equipment.

Control Room Console cable layout

Control Room Console

The console is used in a wide range of applications, including power production and power dispatch centers, Government Control Room Console, energy production center, traffic operation monitoring center, aerospace mission monitoring center, public safety task monitoring center, financial transaction center monitoring center, radio and television monitoring. There are many application scenarios in the center, the factory control room, etc. These types of control rooms, monitoring centers, and control centers belong to the Mission Critical Control Environment, which affects the orderly operation of the economy and society.

Standardized products: It is a combination of standard length modules and angle modules to quickly construct an ideal product to meet the daily functional needs of users.

Scientific and safe cable management system—The internal and horizontal strength and weakness of the console are connected to each other to achieve strong and weak power separation and scientific and safe cable management is performed inside the console.

High-quality and excellent material selection - The main frame of the aluminum profile is light and rigid, with good surface finish and corrosion resistance. The unique process makes equipment installation quick and easy.

Movable function design - according to the lightweight characteristics of aluminum alloy profiles, to meet the functional requirements of the console

Features of the operation console:

First, a strong anti-shock function

The monitoring console is designed with full consideration of the seismic design and the adjustable feet absorb the vibration energy during shaking. The high strength screw-on frame structure increases the overall strength. For external heavy impact shocks, the structural frame of the monitoring console withstands pressure and can carry the pressure of the collapse caused by the earthquake. In the face of irresistible disasters, the security of data devices in the cabinet is guaranteed.

Second, the flexible function of internal installation

Whether it is the installation of strong electrical equipment or the installation of weak electrical cabinets, the installation inside the cabinet of the monitoring station gives the user any possibility. The 19-inch structure can be adjusted at will, which enriches the possibility of installation in the cabinet. The installation of the mounting plate further ensures the possibility of installing the console device wirelessly.

Third, the allocation of strong and weak electricity is safer

In the equipment installation cabinet of the operation console, we strengthened the rules of strong and weak electrical separation. We added a stable separation cable assembly to ensure a separation distance of 15 cm. It ensures that the strong and weak currents cannot be mutually disturbed.

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