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What are the Principles for Designing and Installing the Control Room Console?

Jun. 25, 2019

Control Room Console products are the most indispensable equipment for the era of intelligent management. Especially for the security industry, the control room console is undoubtedly one of the main equipment. In the security industry, the console is used in conjunction with the video wall. On the other hand, it can play a real-time monitoring role, but also meet the data storage, better management equipment, and provide a better working environment for the overall operating environment.

Control Room Console

Control Room Console

However, the premise of the console to meet the performance requirements is that the layout design and installation are required. The premise of the layout design is the size and style of the room. The installation determines whether the console is running normally or not. How to effectively design and install the console? Security Control Room Equipment Supplier shares with you.

1. According to the original size of the room as a premise, combined with the distance between the console and the large screen, in line with the relevant national policies and regulations, no missing a millimeter of spacing, do not drop each screw.

2. To adapt to production management, to meet safe operation, to minimize noise on the construction site; to ensure that all functional settings meet production management requirements, and has strong compatibility.

3. The equipment and materials used can adapt to the geographical environment and climatic conditions of high temperature and low temperature oilfield ships. Choose products with high reliability, low failure rate and mature technology.

4. The built system maintains advanced technology on the basis of satisfying practicality. The system has a friendly man-machine interface, which is easy to operate and use and maintain.

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