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What are the differences between the console and the average home?

Nov. 07, 2019

The console, as its name suggests, is also called Cctv Room Control Desk, console, dispatcher, podium, etc. It is suitable for many places, such as a community security room, building monitoring room, street monitoring room, school monitoring room, factory monitoring room, etc. The console is very common in everyday life because it is very practical.

Cctv Room Control Desk

Cctv Room Control Desk

Depending on the material, the console can be divided into tempered glass console, stainless steel console, LCD console, a wooden console and so on. According to different purposes, it can be divided into aseptic console, piano console, laboratory console, tablet console, lift console and so on. The variety of consoles can sometimes be confusing for people, and they don't know which one to use. Below we take the lift console as an example to introduce some relevant knowledge. The structure of the lifting console is assembled and assembled by steel and wood. Its overall design is to follow ergonomic principles and to be consistent when combined with the TV wall. The design meets or exceeds the required ergonomic parameter standards, and the multi-screen display pillar can be adjusted to the front, rear left and right to meet the man-machine comfort. Some of the four optional heavy lifting columns are available to ensure that the height of the work surface is adjusted with the touch of a button, and the multi-screen display pillars allow the operator to view the screen at the most comfortable and intuitive angle.

As a Control Room Desk Supplier, would you like to tell everyone what to choose from the console?

(1) Select the brand of the console, and the professional console manufacturer provides a professional console solution.

(2) Defining the requirements (size, material, location) of the console.

(3) Develop a reasonable console solution based on consultation with the console manufacturer according to your needs.

What are the differences between the Smart Control Room Console and the average home?

1. Design difference

The console is designed and produced by a professional team of professional console design and R&D. It is beautiful, atmospheric, simple and practical.

2. Functional differences

The domestic furniture desk can only hold basic functions such as computer display, fax machine, and storage folder.

In addition to the above basic functions, the professional console has professional cable management, power management, ventilation system management, storage management, professional special steel structure bracket design, and various structural lifting functions. The high-end series also has personal communication systems and personal air conditioning systems. It is a professional dispatching or control room special equipment.

3. Material difference

The domestic furniture desk uses a wooden structure, or density board, the structure bearing and wear resistance is poor, no back wallboard, the computer the screen can only be simply placed on the desktop, the warranty period is relatively short.

The professional console uses 75% special steel or high-grade aluminum alloy structure, which has high strength and strong resistance to deformation.

4. Ergonomic differences in console design

There are few ergonomic considerations for domestic ordinary office furniture.

The professional console uses ergonomics to improve staff productivity and reduce fatigue.

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