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How to Guarantee the Service life of Control Room Console?

Sep. 26, 2019

In order to guarantee the service life of the Control Room Console, we need to learn how to maintain the console in daily use. How to maintain the Control Room Console? As a Security Control Room Desk Supplier, we have the following suggestions.

Control Room Console

Control Room Console

For Command Consoles, there are many occasions to use, and various environments will encounter them. The environment has a lot of influence on the console, more common oxidation, and scratches during operation, whether it is scratch or corrosion. The impact of the Control Room Console is very large, directly affecting the aesthetics and service life.

1. The appearance of surface corrosion can be treated with acid-washed phosphating composite epoxy resin powder to protect the tabletop.

2. Scratches, dents, etc., can be used to fill the gap with a specific pen, and the tabletop problem and the sheet metal problem are solved separately.

These are simple surface treatment methods for Command Consoles, but these methods are also very useful and can help you solve many problems to some extent. The methods mentioned above are all the experience of our company. If you have a better way to tell us, this will allow more people to master these methods.

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