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The Importance Of The Control Room Console To The Decision-making Command Center

Jun. 12, 2019

The podium is not very familiar with us, but it is very important for modern information construction and dispatching venue! Today Control Room Supplier is here to introduce you.

Control Room Console can be divided into the combat command center, emergency command center, police command center, integrated management command center, etc. according to different functional mechanisms, and it also involves military, public security, transportation, flood control, municipal and other fields. The lives and property of people have played an important role.

The command center is composed of a variety of application systems, operating systems and hardware systems, generally including: combat command system, intelligence analysis system, video surveillance system, video conference system, cluster intercom system, individual soldier system, vehicle system, drone System, vehicle system, GIS map system, broadcasting system, telephone system, command center system and other business systems, and install large screens, Control Room and electronic sandbox and other hardware facilities.

The touch screen of the Control Room Console allows for free switching between multiple signals and direct control of display, movement, zooming, and layout on the large screen. It can be seen how important the podium contributes to society! Therefore, I also suggest that you learn more about the Control Room Console!

Control Room

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