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How to Match the Control Room Console Lighting?

Jul. 25, 2019

The lighting of the Control Room Console is the embodiment of the detail design of the console. In addition to illuminating the work area, the lighting of the console can also illuminate the passage next to the console and illuminate the surrounding area. However, if the lighting design is unreasonable, it will not only have a reasonable lighting effect but also make the overall space of the command center have a dazzling feeling. Control Room Desk Supplier believes that the console lighting generally has the following design guidelines:

Control Room Console

1. In today's energy-saving and environmental protection, LED lighting sources with low consumption while ensuring lighting is the preferred standards for current lighting. Nowadays, in addition to special needs, more than 90% of the market uses LED lighting.

2. Lighting should first consider the lighting of the internal equipment of the console, and provide a good view for the personnel during maintenance and repair of the equipment.

3. The lighting should also consider the feelings of the staff so that the light source in the work area becomes the main lighting source, which makes people feel concentrated and pay attention.

4. Auxiliary lighting should be considered for its decorative nature. In addition to illuminating the area around the Custom Security Consoles, it should be designed in a way that is not monotonous.

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