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What is The Role of the Console in Public Travel?

Jul. 17, 2019

In the implementation of the concept of smart city, subway and bus information can be docked to each other, coordinate bus and subway arrival and departure time, to achieve people regardless of where to go from the city to the location, will shorten the waiting time, let People quickly reach their destination.

The application of Traffic Control Equipment maximizes the convenience of people's travel and is convenient for people's work and life. It is the behind-the-scenes hero of people's daily travel protection.

With the development of cities, the population and motor vehicles are increasing rapidly every year. Although urban roads are also increasing, road growth is far from meeting the current travel conditions of the population and motor vehicles. Especially in the first-tier cities, when the morning peaks and the evening hours of work, the road traffic in the city is very close, and the original one-hour journey often takes 2-3 hours to complete.

Many office workers choose public transport, bus, and subway lines. If there is no unified dispatch control management, no more lines can facilitate the purpose of travel.

Control Room Console

First look at the subway, as the train continues to speed up, the subway station in the peak period will basically have a train to enter the station in 1-3 minutes to transport traffic. The train time interval is so short that the accident rate is almost zero. If there is no complete operating system, it may not be realized. The subway command center is the core area of the whole operating system. It carries the subway operation of each line and monitors the position, speed and other information of each train in real-time. At the same time, it also issued instructions to each line and train, unified coordination, and unified scheduling. The staff can sit in front of the Smart Control Room Console, and these monitoring, scheduling, control, and other operations can be completed in a certain space. In the past, there was no console, the command center of the dispatching station, and the completion of the order was issued. The staff had to walk back and forth 2-3 times in the command center. The application of the console allows the command center to reduce operating time and increase work efficiency.

Say the situation of the bus. Public transport is not like subway. The subway's transportation routes are proprietary, and the bus lines are public roads. In addition to buses, there are private cars, pedestrians, non-motor vehicles and so on. The bus dispatching center can only monitor how many buses are sent out, the line is currently unblocked, and several buses are reserved in the garage. Therefore, the vehicle is increased in a certain period of time to increase the transportation capacity. Like the Metro Command Center, the Control Room Console reduces scheduling operations and increases productivity.

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