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What are the Characteristics of the Various Styles of Control Room Console?

Sep. 02, 2019

The Control Room Console is an important part of the internal configuration of the control center, monitoring center, and command management center. At the same time, it is also a casing device for monitoring equipment such as monitoring equipment and dispatching room. It has various styles. What are the characteristics of the high-quality Control Room Console? As an Industrial Control Console Supplier, let us explain it to you.

Control Room Console

Control Room Console

1. The appearance of the monitoring station. The general appearance directly determines the overall temperament of the monitoring station. According to the specific conditions of the hall, the monitoring station will place the position of the station, the overall layout of the monitoring platform, and the perspective of the large screen and the viewing distance. Create a perfect office environment.

2. The function of the Control Room Console: to meet the equipment placement and the use of the operator is the basic design of the monitoring station.

3. Smart Control Room Console Ergonomics: Excellent ergonomic design will greatly facilitate the daily operation of the operator and reduce the fatigue caused by long hours of work. The Control Room Console puts the ergonomic design concept through the product. Every aspect, taking into account the human factors, has reached a very high level in terms of comfort and beauty.

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