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What does CCTV Room Control Desk do in the industry?

Dec. 03, 2019

Our safety questions need to be guaranteed. Whether it is the living area where we live or the work area where we work, or the way we travel, safety is an important question that needs to be paid attention to at any time, and a useful one The path is monitoring, but traditional monitoring equipment always has some disadvantages. CCTV Room Control Desk is used in public security monitoring to ensure our safety. So what are the types of consoles that guarantee our security?

CCTV Room Control Desk

CCTV Room Control Desk

What are the types of consoles that guarantee our safety?

In general, there are three types of Custom Security Consoles. The most common type is the standard type of console. This type of console is placed in a horizontal row, and many computer consoles are put together to form a large security flat console. The standard flat console is straightforward and suitable for large-volume control systems. There is also a curved flat console, which is very beautiful and is usually used as a luxury flat control. You can see a very beautiful and luxurious curved flat consoles in the studio or the control base. The corner plane console is also a common type. The corner plane console has a little point of view. It looks like the console has turned. This is to be planned according to the detailed operation request. The curvature of the corners can be specifically designed. Customized.

Nowadays, there are three ways for our common consoles. What kind of console is selected in detail, then it depends on the detailed request of the customer. One of the advantages of the console is that it can be customized according to the needs of customers, which is more suitable. Customers need to spend today.

No matter what kind of command console, it has its purpose. Secondly, the command console can be customized according to the customer's equipment production in the lower cabinet, so there is no need to worry about the equipment not being placed in the lower cabinet. The command console is a very practical tool for the monitoring room. Its performance is conducive to the management and planning of the monitoring room. At the same time, the installation of cables further improves the safety of the monitoring room.

Command console function

A variety of electronic equipment is placed inside the command console. In order to better ensure the use of various equipment, how do we better place the equipment when placing it?

Placing the equipment inside the command console has a great effect on the actual maintenance in the future. According to the main field of use, the international standard equipment 19 inches will be used in the design of the command console. This design can better fit the equipment inside the command console and place it neatly. The standard for lowering the cabinet of some command consoles is not made in accordance with the international standard of 19 inches. This type of equipment usually requires auxiliary placement. Generally, a layer board is installed in the command console to divide the cabinet into upper and lower sections. Installed on the shelf to support these devices and protect them from crushing and deformation.

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